These were taken on the late '83 tour, mainly on the last show, which was at Bracknell, Berkshire. The truck "stopped for a rest" (Edwin Shirley Trucks dont break down !)  in the busy Marylebone Road in London ,near Madame Tussauds, but was soon on its way again. At the end of the show, as Jodee thanked the crew, they attacked the band with shaving foam "pies". None the less, the band retaliated fiercely after the encore, as the pictures testify.

                            Steve Chaplin (Sound)                                                     Marc Plowright (Lights)

                                       Rob Grain (Backline & Drum Tech)                             Wango

                                  Wango                                                                     Steve

                        Rob, Ben, Wango, Cris                                              Marc, Rob, Ben, Cris

                                  Rob, Wango                                                         Rob, Marc

                 L to R       Jodee      Thunderstick     Wango     Ben     Cris